Our Story

Tutti Ensemb: California Couture for Kids

Tutti Ensemb was developed through the creative side of a professional mother who simply enjoyed sewing for her daughter. The creations for her daughter garnered rave reviews everywhere they went in their hometown of San Francisco. Tutti Ensemb was developed and her chic, upscale designed clothing is now available to discriminating parents, grandparents and friends.

What’s In a Name?

The story behind the Tutti Ensemb name comes from a dear friend who worked her entire career in fashion. In her professional life, she and her co-workers morphed the common place phrase, “you look nice today” into the much more fun “oh you are sooooo tout ensemble today.” French for “all together.” It further evolved as time passed into “toutie ensemb.” Years later she came into our lives. With each and every time of seeing my daughter she would say "Oh you are so toutie ensemb today!" In tribute to a motivating wonderful friend in the field of fashion, Tutti Ensemb was the only name considered for a clothing line created by a particular 5 year old girl and her mother.